How to Knot Rope

How to Knot Rope
Tying strong knots is part of numerous outdoor sports. One common task encountered by campers is securing bundles, such as might be necessary for a pile of logs, packing up foraged foodstuffs or making a field repair on a backpack. Another is a knot good for pulling or dragging something, like a log, a truck stuck in the mud or a crude litter. A pair of simple, easy-to-learn knots for these kinds of jobs are the square knot, sometimes also called the reef knot, and the timber hitch.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Square Knot

Step 1
Place one line over the other so they cross. Chose one line, now labeled the "active line", and thread it under and around the other so they become intertwined.
Step 2
Bring the ends of the two lines together so they cross again. Repeat the procedure from Step 1, forming a second intertwining.
Step 3
Pull the ends of both ends taut, forming a tight square knot.

Timber Hitch

Step 1
Wrap the end of the line around the pole or log, then bring it back over the main body of the line. This will form an unsecured loop around the pole or log.
Step 2
Thread the end of the line under the main line and bring it up through the loop. Then wrap it back under and around that part of the loop, wrapping the end of the line around the loop.
Step 3
Repeat Step 2 for a second wrapping of the end of the line around part of the loop.
Step 4
Pull the end of the line so the loop contracts tightly around the log or pole and forms a knot.


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