How to Anti Fog Glasses

How to Anti Fog Glasses
Glasses fog up during exertion because of the difference between the temperature outside the lenses and the relatively warm air nearest our bodies. While the fog effect is usually worse in cold weather, when this difference is relatively extreme, it may happen during strenuous activity in warm weather, too. Adequate ventilation--such as vents in the tops of the glasses frames or constant movement to reduce the fogging--helps prevent fogging. But the best way to avoid it entirely is to apply an anti-fog treatment to your glasses. Even glasses that came with manufacturer-applied anti-fog treatments will need touching up every so often, as soon as they start to show signs of fogging up.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Lint-free cloth (soft)
  • Anti-fog lens cleaner
Step 1
Spray or wipe a small amount of anti-fog lens cleaner (using a soft, lint-free cloth) onto the inside of your glasses lenses. If you don't have any anti-fog lens cleaner handy you can use liquid soap, a freshly-cut potato, or even--in a real pinch--saliva.
Step 2
Allow the lens cleaner--or soap, or potato juice once you've rubbed the potato thoroughly around on the inside of your glasses--to dry for two to three minutes.
Step 3
Buff the liquid gently with a soft, lint-free cloth until the lenses are clear. Depending on what you've used on the lenses, this may take anywhere from a couple of seconds to up to two minutes minute.
Step 4
Repeat Steps 1 through 3 as needed; each application may offer anywhere from several hours to several days of anti-fog protection.

Tips & Warnings

Condensing perspiration makes glasses fog even worse. Wearing an absorbent headband and an absorbent pad on the bridge of your nose may help reduce this fogging.

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