How to Size Classic Cross Country Ski Poles

How to Size Classic Cross Country Ski Poles
Not all ski poles are created the same. Classic ski poles (also known as diagonal or Nordic) tend to be a few centimeters shorter than skate skiing poles. If you don't have the chance to measure yourself exactly for the poles, you can estimate the proper length for classic poles by either subtracting 10 centimeters from your skate pole length or subtracting 30 to 35 centimeters from your own height.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
Step 1
Stand straight with your heels and shoulders against a wall. Hold a ruler horizontally over the top of your shoulder on one side.
Step 2
Have a friend measure your height from the floor up to the ruler. This length, in centimeters, is the appropriate length for a classic cross country ski pole.
Step 3
Double-check the ski pole length by holding it straight up close beside you, point on the ground. Have a friend verify that it is, in fact, level with the top of your shoulder. Some skiers may prefer a pole that is just a few centimeters shorter, arriving at the middle of the shoulder.

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