How To Get a Fishing License in Massachusetts

How To Get a Fishing License in Massachusetts
The state of Massachusetts requires a fishing license for all residents and non-residents over the age of 15 fishing the waters in the state. Those caught fishing without a license face stiff fines and penalties. With the number of native fish in the area, including carp, crappie and bass, the small cost of the fishing license is well worth it. To get a fishing license in Massachusetts, you simply need to decide where to shop.


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Things You’ll Need:
  • Debit/credit card
Step 1
Check the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife for licensed vendors. The state is divided into different areas: western district, Connecticut Valley district, central district, northeast district and southeast district. Each district has a full list of all locations offering fishing licenses.
Step 2
Visit one of the locations and purchase your fishing license. Most sporting goods stores offer the license, as do general stores and fishing supply stores. You'll find fishing licenses available at town clerk offices, Wal-Mart, Red Top Sporting Goods and Dick's Sporting Goods all across the state.
Step 3
Purchase your fishing license online at the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game. Even if you're only visiting for a few days, you'll still need to register an account on the website by adding your email address and creating a username and password. You also need your date of birth, full name and address.
Step 4
Fill out the information required by the website. The website asks for your shipping address, which is where your fishing license is sent. It also asks for payment information and when buying a fishing license online, you need a debit card or credit card.
Step 5
Pay an additional $5 fee if you live in Massachusetts and this is your first time buying a fishing license. The fee is also charged to non-residents every time they buy a license and for each license purchased if they buy more than one. This is known as the Wildlands Conservation Stamp, which goes to towards funding the Wildlands.

Tips & Warnings

Your fishing license is good for the entire calendar year, expiring Dec. 31, regardless of when you purchase it, but licenses go on sale beginning Jan. 1.

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