How to Use a Coleman 3 Burner Stove

How to Use a Coleman 3 Burner StoveIf you've ever been camping, then the odds are good that at some point you used a piece of Coleman equipment. The company is well known for producing camping gear including tents, grills, stoves, chairs and tables. Propane stoves from the company are one of their top items and the 3-burner stove is one of the best sellers. To use the stove, you need to light it properly.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Coleman stove
  • Match
  • Aluminum foil
  • Dry cloth
  • Dishwashing soap
Step 1
Turn the regulator valve on the propane tank to the left or in a counter-clockwise direction. Move the knob on the burner you want lit to the left and place a lit match near the top of the burner. Once the flame lights, adjust the burner to the desired flame size and repeat on any other burners you want.
Step 2
Cook food on the grill portion of the stove by first removing the grill. Cover the grill with a sheet of aluminum foil, which keeps food from sticking to the grill. Light the burner as directed in the last step and lay the grill in place. Then place your food on the grill and cook as directed.
Step 3
Use pots and pans on the Coleman stove in the same way you would cook at home. Leave the grill in place and light the stove. Set your pots or pans directly on the heat source, using the burner you lit. If you use more than one burner, light each one separately before placing the pot onto the stove.
Step 4
Clean the Coleman stove by removing the grill and wiping down the inside with a dry cloth. If the interior is still dirty or has caked on grime, dip the cloth in a solution of water and dishwashing soap and wipe the inside. The grill itself cleans up with a little soap and water.
Step 5
Store the stove by taking off the propane tank. Then unscrew the regulator from the back of the Coleman stove and lift up the metal grill. Place the regulator inside the stove and lower the grill, which keeps it safe for your next use. Store the stove away from direct heat and sunlight.

Tips & Warnings

Never change the propane tank while the burner is still lit, as this may cause a fire or even an explosion when the heat reaches the new propane tank.
Always use Coleman branded propane tanks with the 3-burner stove. Your warranty doesn't cover the use of other tanks.

Article Written By Jennifer Eblin

Jennifer Eblin has been a full-time freelance writer since 2006. Her work has appeared on several websites, including Tool Box Tales and Zonder. Eblin received a master's degree in historic preservation from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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