Do-it-Yourself Binocular Repair

Do-it-Yourself Binocular Repair
Modern binoculars are precision, high-technology instruments. Most binocular tubes are filled with gases that prevent fogging. The lenses are precision-ground and covered with protective coatings. Repairs such as cleaning and lens cap and strap replacements are simple. Other repairs must be performed by the manufacturer or a competent repair facility. Protect your binoculars and they will give you decades of use with only minor repairs.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Clean, dry cloth
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Lens-cleaning fluid
Step 1
Clean the exterior of the binoculars with a soft-bristle brush and clean, dry cloth. Remove any dirt or grime from the lens body. Use the brush to remove debris from around the focus wheel and diopter adjuster.
Step 2
Remove dust and smudges from the lens with lens-cleaning materials. Use a microfiber cloth and lens-cleaning solution to carefully clean the lens.
Step 3
Inspect the lens caps and strap for serviceability. Look for cracks and damage and replace any unserviceable parts. Order replacement parts from the binocular manufacturer.

Tips & Warnings

Use the strap to help prevent an accidental drop and the resulting damage. Store the binoculars in a case when not in use.

Article Written By Daniel Ray

Daniel Ray has been writing for over 15 years. He has been published in "Florida Sportsman" magazine. He holds an FAA airframe and powerplant license and FCC radiotelephone license, and is also a licensed private pilot. He attended the University of South Florida.

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