How to Camp in the Catskills in October

How to Camp in the Catskills in OctoberOctober in the Catskills is a great time for camping. The fall colors are vibrant and the crowds are much smaller than during the height of the summer season. The weather is also much cooler and night temperatures have the potential to drop below freezing. RV campers can easily stay comfortable with a heater or a few extra blankets but tent camping requires warm and dry gear for an enjoyable experience. October is an ideal time of year to find solitude in the Catskills and campers can get in the last camping trips of the year before winter arrives.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • 3-season tent
  • 0 degree sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Base layer clothing
  • Mid layer clothing
  • Down jacket
  • Hiking boots
  • Fire wood
  • Fire starting materials
Step 1
Choose campgrounds that are not close to large lakes where temperatures are likely to be colder than normal. Also choose campgrounds that are close to hiking trails, biking trails and any other recreational activities you wish to pursue.
Step 2
Camp at a private campground that is open through the month of October. Many of the private campgrounds offer warm showers and the staff is available in case of emergency. Most of the state campgrounds like Beaverkill State Campground are closed after Labor Day making private campsites the ideal choice. Campgrounds like Berentson's in Bloomingburg offer visitors privacy and large campsites.
Step 3
Stay at a campground that offers views of the colorful trees. Places like the Blackthorne Campgrounds in Greene County are open through November 1 and offer weekly fireworks displays and views of the changing colors and surrounding mountains.
Step 4
Stay at a campground with indoor facilities for escaping the cold. Places like the Happy Days campground in Sullivan County are surrounded by forests with outdoor recreational opportunities, but also offer an indoor recreation room as an alternative.
Step 5
Stay at a private campground with campsites and cabins. Cabins offer the opportunity to continue your trip if the conditions turn for the worst. Places like the Phoenicia Black Bear Campground in Ulster County have a combination of RV sites, tent sites and cabins available in October.

Tips & Warnings

Camping in the Catskills in October is a great time of year for outdoor recreation. Be prepared for inclement weather and carry extra supplies in your vehicle.
Watch the weather when camping in the Catskills in October. Weather can change from warm to snow in a single afternoon and you should avoid remote areas when storm fronts are present.
Camping in October can be dangerous if winter weather is arriving early. Carry extra blankets, food and water to be prepared for early storms and cold conditions.

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