How to Clean a Rusted Pocket Knife Blade

How to Clean a Rusted Pocket Knife Blade
Though your pocket knife may be made of stainless steel, it is still possible for it to collect rust. Rust can corrode the knife and slowly eat away at your blade causing it to become dull and brittle. In order to protect against rust, you'll want to clean and inspect the blade regularly.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Light, non-staining oil
  • Cloth or rag
Step 1
Clean your blade after each use. Wipe the blade and tools clean with a soft, dry rag. For built-on dirt and grime, use warm water, dish detergent and a soft cloth or rag to wipe clean. You can use a tooth pick or soft tooth brush to remove residue inside the knife.
Step 2
Look for rust on the blade while you clean.
Step 3
If there is rust, apply a fine oil directly onto the rust. Allow the pocket knife to sit overnight or for a day or two.
Step 4
Wipe the oiled down rust with a soft rag. It should wipe right off.
Step 5
If your rust doesn't wipe off with a cloth, re-oil and scrub the knife with a non-metallic abrasive pad.

Tips & Warnings

Buck suggests using a metal polish such as Metal Brite for cleaning stubborn rust.
Clean and oil your knife regularly to prevent rust and wear.
Discoloration in the metal is an early sign of rusting. Clean the knife thoroughly if you see discoloration.

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