How to Prepare for a European Cruise

How to Prepare for a European Cruise
European cruises were designed with your relaxation in mind. Once you step aboard, all your stress can fade away. Your meals are covered, you don't need to worry about getting lost or asking for directions, and you will be given a full itinerary of activities to choose from every day. To ensure that your European cruise sets off without a hitch, take some time beforehand to make sure you are prepared for an international vacation.


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Step 1
Apply for a passport far in advance. In the USA, it can take four to six weeks before your passport arrives. Be flexible and make plenty of room for its arrival. If you procrastinate on getting this crucial document, you can pay a larger fee for a two- to three-week delivery.
Step 2
Make two copies of your passport, your driver's license and any credit cards you intend to take with you. Leave one set of copies at home, and plan to take the other set with you on your European cruise. These papers will serve you if any important documents or cards are stolen while you are abroad.
Step 3
Make a list of important numbers to keep with you in case something happens to your cell phone, address book or wallet. These numbers should include your doctor, your pharmacist, your bank, your credit-card companies, or the caretakers of children, elderly family members or pets that might not be accompanying you on your vacation to Europe.
Step 4
Plan a shopping trip to purchase any necessary clothing for the trip. Review your cruise itinerary to decide what new clothing you might need. Most cruises have one or two formal dinner nights, when you will need fancy clothes to enter the dining room. If you are planning on any off-shore walking tours, some new comfortable sneakers might be in order. Check your bathing suit to make sure it still fits properly and doesn't have any tears or stretches in it.
Step 5
Reserve your spot for off-shore activities. Your cruise will let you prepay for certain tours, rides or events before you reach European soil. To make sure you don't miss anything during your stops in Europe, pre-plan your activities and sign up for slots before they run out.
Step 6
Create a master packing list at least a week before your departure. The longer you give yourself to make a list, the less likely you are to forget something important. While the cruise might have convenience stores on board, supplies will be limited. Forgetting something on a cruise can be a bigger hassle than it would on another vacation. Important things to remember would be medications, contact lenses and birth control.

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