How to Measure for a Ski Helmet

How to Measure for a Ski Helmet
While a ski helmet provides important protection from concussion and other head injuries, it is only effective if it is the correct size. Sizing, therefore, is an important part of purchasing a new ski helmet. It will only take a few minutes to get it right, so take the time and measure your ski helmet.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Measuring tape
  • Measuring tape
Step 1
Measure around your head. Using a measuring tape measure your head around, just above the eyebrows and ears. Use centimeters as your measuring unit.
Step 2
Record or remember your measurement in centimeters. Ski helmets should have a sizing chart that indicates the size in centimeters. You can use your own measurement to find helmets in your size.
Step 3
Try the helmet on. While size is a good first step, every helmet is designed and will fit slightly differently. Not every helmet in your size will fit you correctly so find the best fit by trying the helmet on. For best results, bring your goggles to find a helmet that will not obstruct them.
Step 4
Adjust the chin strap by moving and closing the clip. The strap should be snug against your throat but shouldn't dig into your skin.
Step 5
Consider the feel of the helmet. The helmet should sit snugly but shouldn't squeeze your head or create discomfort. The padding on the sides of the helmet should be square against your head without leaving any gaps. There shouldn't be any large spaces between your head and the helmet.
Step 6
Consider the seating of the helmet. The helmet should sit squarely above your eyebrows, leaving enough room to wear your goggles without having them pushed down into your face. There shouldn't be a gap between the goggles and helmet. The helmet should be above the neck and shouldn't touch it.
Step 7
Test fit. Shake your head backward and forward. Then shake it side to side. It's important that the helmet remains secured to your head.

Tips & Warnings

Buying ski helmets online can save money. However, check for a liberal return policy in case the helmet doesn't fit correctly.

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