How to Tie Stren Braid Fishing Line to a Hook

How to Tie Stren Braid Fishing Line to a Hook
Stren braided fishing line is a superline that is used to pull fish through heavy weed cover without snapping. Braided lines such as these are renowned for their strength but also present problems for anglers, because the knots tied in them tend to slip out. However, you can overcome this dilemma by employing a Palomar knot to tie the hook to the line.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel
  • Rod and reel
Step 1
Start the Palomar knot by making a loop with the end of the Stren braided line. This loop should be long enough to give yourself plenty of line to work with, with 4 to 6 inches being sufficient.
Step 2
Ease the loop of braided line through the eye of your hook.
Step 3
Take the doubled line and make a simple overhand knot with it. Make sure the fish hook is situated at the bottom of the knot when you are done with this step.
Step 4
Hold on to your overhand knot with your index finger and your thumb to keep it intact. Take the loop of the line protruding from your overhand knot and pass it completely over the hook.
Step 5
Pull the line heading back into your fishing pole and the end of your braided line and pull both tightly to close the Palomar knot. Trim the end of the line coming from the knot.

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