How to Properly Store a Kayak

How to Properly Store a Kayak
Many kayak owners never consider that damage can occur to a boat not just on the water, but while in storage, too. Sun can damage some plastics and cause colors to fade, or animals can nest inside boats that aren't properly secured. Whether storing your kayak between outings or through the winter, proper storage and care will mean less preparation and cleaning time the next time you want to hit the water. Additionally, protection from the elements will significantly extend the life and looks of your kayak.


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Step 1
Clean your kayak thoroughly before storing. Gritty dirt can abrade material and certain minerals can wear down plastics faster than normal. A boat free of debris is also less likely to attract animals and insects. Some cleaners such as Plexus contain protectants to further shield your kayak from sun damage.
Step 2
Place your kayak indoors if possible. Temperature control is not so important unless you live in an area of extreme heat or cold, but protection from sun damage is. A garage, attic or shed makes a perfect storage spot.
Step 3
Cover your kayak if you must store it outdoors. If you build a storage rack, building a roof over the top will protect your kayak from the elements. If storing on blocks or the ground, cover your boat with a tarp to shield it.
Step 4
Elevate the boat off the ground. The kayak can be placed on a rack or suspended using hooks and wires. Elevating the boat will make it less accessible to animals and insects looking for a place to nest.
Step 5
Cover the cockpit opening. Commercial cockpit covers are available, or you can fashion one out of almost any fabric. Covering the cockpit will keep animals and insects out, as well as help to prevent dirt and dust buildup inside your boat.

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