How to Install a Fishing Line

How to Install a Fishing Line
All fishermen should know how to install fishing line on their reels. This knowledge will be most useful when the angler decides that the old line has become too worn to trust a heavy fish to. With the help of a friend, installing new line can be done without any problems, leaving the pole with strong line that won't snap when the big fish comes along.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel New line Screwdriver Dry cloth Scissors Snap swivel
  • Rod and reel
  • New line
  • Screwdriver
  • Dry cloth
  • Scissors
  • Snap swivel
Step 1
Decide which fishing line best suits your needs. Choose braided line if you fish in places where there are heavy weeds, monofilament line if you want a line with excellent knot strength, and fluorocarbon line if you don't want fish to detect the line in the water.
Step 2
Open the spool of new line and stick a large screwdriver through the holes in the middle of its spool. Hand the spool and screwdriver to a friend to hold.
Step 3
Lace the end of new spool through the eyes on your fishing pole. These are called rod guides; start with the upper one and pass the line through each one down to your reel.
Step 4
Open up your reel's bail and tie the line around the reel. If the bail is not opened, the mechanism on your reel will not gather the line when you turn the handle.
Step 5
Loop some of the new line around your reel, close the bail, and have your helper hold out the new line's spool on the screwdriver. Begin to reel in line. Give your friend a dry cloth and let the new line come off the spool and through her hand, protected by the cloth, to give your line some tension. This will ensure it wraps tightly around your reel.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid putting too much line on your reel. Fill the reel to within a quarter-inch of the edge before cutting the line with your scissors and tying on a swivel.

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