How to Plan a Fishing Trip in the Bay Area

How to Plan a Fishing Trip in the Bay Area
When the temperature rises, fishermen start thinking about their next fishing trip. The Bay Area is popular with bass fishermen and those interested in saltwater fishing in the Pacific Ocean. Halibut, cod, salmon and crappie are all native fish caught in the area. Before you plan a fishing trip in the Bay Area, take some time to decide when you want to fish.


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Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing license
Step 1
Decide when you want to fish in the Bay Area. The time of year you fish is determined by the type of fish you like. August, September and October are the more popular months because most native fish are found then, but some fishermen prefer May, June and July when it's easier to catch fish in the ocean. It's a matter of when you want to visit and what type of fish you're after.
Step 2
Choose between fishing lodges and fishing on your own. The Bay Area offers several different fishing lodges, with instructors that work with you. Some fishermen may prefer staying in a hotel and fishing on their own, which lets you pick when and where you want to fish and gives you more independence.
Step 3
Pick a location where you want to stay. The Bay Area often refers to San Francisco, but it also refers to the surrounding areas. San Jose, Oakland, Fremont and Santa Clara are all in the Bay Area. While some may like staying in San Francisco or San Jose because they want easy access to other activities, some travelers prefer staying in one of the smaller towns.
Step 4
Get a license for fishing in the Bay Area. California makes it mandatory for all fishermen, including tourists and locals to have a fishing license, whether they're fishing in the ocean or a local lake. If you're older than the age of 16 and you plan on taking fish from the water, then you'll need a fishing license.
Step 5
Gather together your equipment and check each piece carefully before your trip, if you plan on using your own equipment and not renting it. Give yourself enough time to replace or reorder any pieces that are broken or damaged before your trip to the Bay Area.

Tips & Warnings

Fishing licenses for one, two or 10 days are available for those who don't live in the Bay Area, but still want to fish. If you live in one of the surrounding towns and plan on fishing throughout the season, the Department of Fish and Game offers a license for nonesident sport fishing.

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