How To Acquire A U.K. Passport For Your Child

How To Acquire A U.K. Passport For Your Child
A passport for the United Kingdom is proof of a person's citizenship. To acquire a U.K. passport, a person must be a citizen or entitled to citizenship for the U.K. Every traveler must have their own passports, including children under the age of 18. A child's passport with five years of validity is issued for children under the age of 16; over 16s may apply for an adult passport.


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Inside the U.K.

Step 1
Complete the online passport application or arrange for a paper copy of the passport application to be sent to you. Both of these can be accomplished from DirectGov, the U.K. public services website (see resources). Submit the application online; you will receive a printed application with your information in the mail.
Step 2
Gather supporting documentation. For a child's first U.K. passport, the child's birth certificate is required. You will also need the mother or father's U.K. birth certificate, certificate of naturalization or U.K. passport. If the child was born outside of the U.K., you will need to include the passport the child used to enter the U.K. If an adoption has taken place, the adoption certificate will be necessary.
Step 3
Sign the preprinted application and attach two U.K. sized (45mm by 35mm) color passport photos. Attach any supporting documentation.
Step 4
Mail the application packet and supporting documents to the address listed on your passport application form. Include the passport fee, which can be paid by check or money order.

Outside the U.K.

Step 1
Request a copy or print the application form for U.K. citizens living overseas. This application is available at the U.K. embassy's website (see resources). Complete and sign this form.
Step 2
Attach any supporting documents required. These are the same documents as required for an in-country application and will depend on the way citizenship is being claimed.
Step 3
Send the application and supporting documents to the North American Passport Production Centre, located at the U.K. Embassy in Washington, D.C. It can take four weeks or more to process a passport application, so apply well before any expected travel.

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