How to Apply for a Pennsylvania Fishing License

How to Apply for a Pennsylvania Fishing License
Except for ponds on private property, pursuing the numerous fishing opportunities in Pennsylvania (Penns Creek, Slate Run or the Delaware River) requires getting a fishing license. The state offers three application methods that make procuring a fishing license convenient, even for non-residents.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Select an application option. Pennsylvania permits applicants to file online, by mail or in-person at any one of more than 1,000 registered agents. If you need your license immediately, apply in-person or online (fishing licenses purchased online can be printed from the website).
Step 2
Complete the Application for a Pennsylvania Fishing License. You will need your driver's license number and Social Security Number. Decide the duration of the license, and if any special permits (such as the trout/salmon permit) are necessary. Download the form and complete it by hand for in-person or mailed applications, or type it out online for an Internet application.
Step 3
Total the sum of all fees for your license and pay the bill. For example, the bill for a 2010 one-year resident's license with combination trout-salmon/Lake Erie permit is $38.40. Use a credit card for online applications, and a check or money order made payable to the PA Fish & Boat Commission or PFBC for mail-in or in-person applications.

Tips & Warnings

If the date is approaching December 1, consider postponing applying for a fishing license until after that date. Fishing licenses are all dated for one year from December 1, so if you buy one on November 15, it will only be good for two weeks.

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