How to Adjust a Tsunami Kayak Seat

How to Adjust a Tsunami Kayak Seat
The Tsunami, like all kayaks, is worn, not sat in. Wilderness Systems kayaks, including the Tsunami, come with the Phase 3 cockpit system that is fully adjustable to fit the kayak to the paddler. It is important that all components of the system be properly adjusted to the paddler for maximum comfort and efficiency. When adjusting the Tsunami it is advised to wear the clothing, including PFD and any footwear that you would wear when paddling.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tsunami kayak
  • PFD. Wear this while making any adjustments.
  • Clothing you wear when paddling, including any footwear.
Step 1
Loosen the back strap. You want it to be loose enough to allow you to move around freely.
Step 2
Sit in the kayak. Slide yourself into the seat so you are sitting upright.
Step 3
Adjust the foot pegs.
On kayaks without a rudder there is a plastic rod that is lifted to allow movement of the pegs.
Kayaks that have a rudder will have release mechanism behind the pad. Squeeze this to slide the foot peg into proper position.

Correct positioning of the foot pegs will be when your heels are almost together along the center line of the kayak with the balls of the feet in contact with the foot pegs, knees bent and legs angled toward the sides of the kayak.
Step 4
Set the thigh braces by sitting up straight with your knees out toward the side comfortably.
Step 5
Remove the screw from the thigh brace found inside the coaming.
Step 6
Loosen the screw found outside the coaming at the back of the thigh brace.
Step 7
Position the thigh brace so it contacts your thigh.
Step 8
Replace the screw in the proper hole. This will be a different hole than it came out of. Tighten the other screw.
Step 9
Pull up on the leg lifters. These are straps with plastic rings found under your thighs in the front of the seat. You want to adjust the leg lifters to hold your thighs against the thigh braces while giving support to your legs. There is a ladder lock buckle that is used to loosen the leg lifters if needed. Proper fit is comfortably snug.
Step 10
Give the back strap its final adjustment. The back strap needs to give support while allowing enough movement to not interfere with paddling. Pull the straps on the back strap to get the support you need. Loosen the release found behind the seat back if it is too tight.

Tips & Warnings

Fine tune your adjustments by going through the motions of paddling before you take the kayak out on the water.
It is vital that you be able to freely exit the kayak. After any adjustments are made to the cockpit have a friend stand by as you practice a wet exit in shallow calm water.

Article Written By Mark Quest

Mark Quest began his writing career in 2009, contributing to various online publications. He attended Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College, focusing on the sciences.

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