How to Hook a Bike Trailer to a Bike

How to Hook a Bike Trailer to a Bike
Bike trailers offer parents a safe, easy way to exercise and run errands with their child in tow. Easy to attach, bike trailers can accommodate one to two children and, in some cases, accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds for one child and 100 pounds for two. These weight estimates are not standard but are an example of the potential capacity and strength most bike trailers provide to parents on the go.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wrench
Step 1
Use a wrench to loosen the bolt located at the rear of the bike (i.e., the dropout) where the wheel and frame connect.
Step 2
Take the bracket located at the rear of the bike trailer, and insert it into the end of the dropout. As you hold the bracket in place, keep the trailer arm level with the ground.
Step 3
Use the wrench to secure the bolt located at the rear dropout. Check that the trailer is balanced on both wheels. The trailer arm should continue to sit level with the ground. Hold steady as necessary.
Step 4
Secure the safety clip--a string that runs from the end of the trailer arm to the frame--pushing the metal clip in place. Verify that this security measure is in place; if the bolt comes loose, the safety clip will ensure that your trailer does not come undone.

Tips & Warnings

Spot clean your bike trailer with a damp towel.
Never attach a damaged bike trailer.
Never exceed the suggested maximum weight allowance.

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