How to Set the Gears on a Shimano Three-Speed Bicycle

How to Set the Gears on a Shimano Three-Speed Bicycle
Shimano uses three-speed technology in its line of Nexus hubs and shifters. The technology is a favorite with leisure cyclists, who appreciate the simplicity and easy maintenance inherent in the design. A shifter cable connects the shifter to an internally geared hub at the rear of the bicycle. When the bicycle is no longer shifting crisply, or at all, the cable is often the culprit. Setting the gears properly will involve making a small adjustment to this cable.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Shift into second gear. The gear will be represented by the number "2" on your shifter.
Step 2
Locate the small pushrod window at the rear of the bicycle. The pushrod window can be found by following the shifter cable to the rear hub.
Step 3
Look inside the window. The red line on the push rod and the end of the hub axle should be aligned. If the red line is not visible, proceed to the next step.
Step 4
Loosen the cable-adjusting nut on the hub end of the shifter cable. Rotate the cable-adjusting bolt, beside the nut, until the yellow line in the window is between the two white lines on the window.
Step 5
Turn the crank arm with your hand. Simultaneously shift back and forth between the gears. Return the gear to second.
Step 6
Check the small window beside the hub once again. Inside, the red line on the pushrod should be aligned with the end of the hub axle. The gears are now set.
Step 7
Finish your adjustment by retightening the cable-adjusting nut at the hub end of the cable.

Article Written By Matthew Ferguson

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