How Do I Rig a Fishing Line?

How Do I Rig a Fishing Line?
Several methods exist to rig a fishing line, depending on the method of fishing. Suspending live bait such as a minnow, shiner or night crawler below the top of the water requires a different rig than allowing the bait to sit on the bottom. You can also rig a fishing line with a leader that fish cannot see.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel Snap swivel Snelled hooks Fishing floats Split shots Fluorocarbon line
  • Rod and reel
  • Snap swivel
  • Snelled hooks
  • Fishing floats
  • Split shots
  • Fluorocarbon line
Step 1
Tie a snap swivel onto your fishing line employing a clinch knot. The swivel allows you to change hooks and lures with minimum fuss.
Step 2
Attach a snelled hook onto your swivel. Snelled hooks come in different sizes, with the larger hooks assigned lower numbers. Panfish, such as black and white crappies, brim and pumpkinseeds are caught easier with a No. 8 snelled hook. Most other species can be caught with a No. 4.
Step 3
Affix a fishing float to your line above your hook. The distance from where you fasten the hook determines how deep below the surface your bait will be. Use the classic round bobber, which is red on the bottom and white on top. Wrap the line twice around the two catches that pop out when you depress the red button on the bobber's top. One deploys from the bobber's bottom end and the other from the top.
Step 4
Use split shots if you desire to keep your bait on the bottom. Rather than add the fishing float to your rig take two large split shots and pinch the ends together to make the crack on the other side open wide. Run your line through the gap and pinch the split shots shut. Place these weights 18 inches from your hook.
Step 5
Affix a fluorocarbon leader to your swivel if you want to hide the fishing line from the fish. Fluorocarbon is practically indiscernible under water. Cut a 2-foot length off a spool of fluorocarbon, tie a regular No. 4 hook to it using a clinch knot, and add your split shots 20 inches from the hook. Then, tie the other end to your snap swivel to create an effective and undetectable leader.

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