How to Sharpen a Case Pocket Knife

How to Sharpen a Case Pocket Knife
The W.R. Case and Sons company makes an excellent series of pocket knives that can meet a variety of needs, and as a rule they are hardier than the typical Swiss Army Knife. However, like an knife, they need to be kept sharp if they are to perform well. A dull blade requires a lot more muscle to use, and that extra force can even increase the chance of an accident. There is little need to have a dull Case knife, as sharpening one is so easy.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Whetstone Common lubricating oil
  • Whetstone
  • Common lubricating oil
Step 1
Oil the whetstone by applying just enough oil to put a light coating over the top surface.
Step 2
Pull the blade out of the knife and set it at its full extension.
Step 3
Hold the knife to the freshly oiled whetstone so that the blade is pointing away from you, and resting at a 10 degree angle.
Step 4
Move the blade forward by smoothly pushing it down the length of the whetstone. Do this about 10 to 12 times for an ordinary sharpening. A very dull knife will require more.
Step 5
Turn the pocket knife over. Now the blade will be pointed toward you. Hold it against the stone using the 10 degree angle again.
Step 6
Move the blade forward, dragging the other side of the edge against the whetstone. Do this 6 to 8 times for an ordinary sharpening.
Step 7
Repeat on the other blades of the knife as necessary. Many Case knives have more than one blade.

Tips & Warnings

A very dull knife that has lost its edge altogether will need to be filed before it is sharpened. No amount of work with a whetstone will restore an edge once it has been lost.

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