How to Make a Texas Rig Fishing Line

How to Make a Texas Rig Fishing Line
Anglers faced with trying to get a plastic worm through cover such as heavy grass, weeds, lily pads or brush do have a viable option. Making the rig "weedless" with a Texas rig fishing line will help prevent a snagged hook.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel Bullet weight Worm hook Plastic worm Toothpick
  • Rod and reel
  • Bullet weight
  • Worm hook
  • Plastic worm
  • Toothpick
Step 1
Slip a bullet weight, also called a worm weight, onto your line. Such a weight helps sink the Texas rigged bait quickly and allows it to slip through the weeds more easily. Thread your line through the narrowed end of the worm weight first.
Step 2
Tie a worm hook onto your fishing line behind the worm weight using knots such as a Trilene knot or an improved clinch knot.
Step 3
Insert your worm hook's point into the top end of the plastic worm. Hold the worm between your thumb and index finger at its end and force the point through. Thread it only as far down as a 1/2 inch.
Step 4
Slide the plastic worm all the way up so that the top end is snug up against the eye of the worm hook. Turn the point of the hook so it is facing the dangling plastic worm.
Step 5
Position the worm so it is hanging straight down and slide the point of the worm hook into it so that the worm is still straight. Push the hook so far into the body of the plastic worm that it nearly breaks through the other side, stopping just short of doing so.
Step 6
Break off a toothpick in the worm weight's center where it attaches to your line to stop the weight from being able to move up and down the line. When a fish grabs the bait in its mouth, pull back quite hard with your fishing pole's tip. This will drive the hidden hook point out of the plastic worm's body and into the jaw of the fish.

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