How Do I Change My Fishing Line?

How Do I Change My Fishing Line?
It is good idea for fishermen to change their fishing line when it becomes worn and frayed. Exposure to the water, sunlight and other factors can combine to weaken fishing line, resulting in the line snapping at the worst possible moment---in the midst of trying to land a good-sized fish. Changing the line on one's fishing reel is a chore that can be accomplished in short order using the right methods.


Difficulty: Moderate

How Do I Change My Fishing Line?

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing pole and reel New fishing line Chair Hook Swivel Leader Scissors Plastic bag
  • Fishing pole and reel
  • New fishing line
  • Chair
  • Hook
  • Swivel
  • Leader
  • Scissors
  • Plastic bag
Step 1
Remove the worn old line from the fishing reel. Take careful note of how far the old fishing line goes on your reel so you can replace it with a similar amount. Change your line at home and not near the water, where line disposed of improperly can be a death sentence to wildlife that get caught in it.
Step 2
Pass the end of the new fishing line down the eyes of the guides on your fishing rod. Watch carefully to ensure you do not miss any of these rod guides, and attach the line to your reel after opening its bail.
Step 3
Close your reel's bail, and place the spool of new fishing line on the floor between your feet. Sit down and hold your fishing pole in your lap with the rod tip pointing toward the ceiling or the sky. Wrap the line by hand around your reel three or four times.
Step 4
Position the new spool of fishing line beneath your knees and between your feet, and run the line between your knees. Close your knees so that the line has tension on it as you begin to reel. Turn the reel with one hand and place your free hand on the fishing pole one foot above the reel so that the line passes through your palm as you wind it onto your reel.
Step 5
Reel on enough new line to reach the point that you had noticed before you removed the old line. By keeping tension on the line with your knees and the hand on the pole, you should have the line wound tightly around the reel. Cut the line from the new spool, and tie on whatever form of hook, swivel or leader that you fish with.

Tips & Warnings

Wrap up your old line around your hand, take scissors and cut it into pieces, then tie it up in up in a plastic bag before throwing it in the garbage.

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