Bicycle Rack Mounting Instructions

Bicycle Rack Mounting Instructions
With little to no storage capacity available on the average bicycle, bicycle racks were born of necessity. Bicycle racks are a safe and convenient way for the cyclist to transport small items. The common rack attaches to the rear of the bicycle just above the wheel. A set of built-in straps or a bungee cord secure any items in place atop the rack. The design frees the cyclist to devote his energy and concentration to operating the bike.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Allen wrench (usually 3 to 5 mm)
  • Bicycle grease
Step 1
Choose how you're going to attach the top end of your rack. The top of the rack can be mounted either at the brake bolt or at the seat stay bolts. Some bikes will allow for either choice, while others may feature only a brake bolt. There is no advantage to one over the other.
Step 2
Adjust the length at the bottom of the rack by turning the legs either clockwise (to shorten) or counterclockwise (to lengthen). Once the rack is installed, its storage surface should be parallel over the tire. Adjust the length of the legs accordingly.
Step 3
Attach the legs of the rack, matching the bolt holes in the rack with the holes in the bike frame. The bolt holes in the frame will be located just above the axle of the wheel. Tighten each of the bolts by turning them clockwise.
Step 4
Adjust the length at the top of the rack. Bolts beneath the rack can be loosened to lengthen or shorten its length. The rack needs to be long enough to attach to the bike frame. Tighten the bolts once you establish the proper length.
Step 5
Attach the top end of the rack. If attaching the rack to the seat stays, align the bolt holes on the rack with the holes in the seat stays. If attaching the rack to the brake, remove the bolt at the back side of the brake and match up the bolt hole in the rack with the brake bolt hole. Reinsert the brake bolt.
Step 6
Tighten the bolts fully.

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