How to Attach a Bicycle Wheel

How to Attach a Bicycle Wheel
Frequent cyclists know all too well the dangers that can occur when cycling over rocky or difficult terrain such as gravel roads. If you've ever been cycling and damaged your tires or have driven your bicycle so many miles it's now time to change your tires, you'll want to know how to remove your old wheels and attach new ones.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Skewer rod
Step 1
Apply grease to the skewer rod. Sweep a layer of grease over the length of the rod without coating it heavily.
Step 2
Slide the axle of the wheel inside the fork blade bolts, which are attached to the two tubes that extend downward, to secure the wheel in place.
Step 3
Position the quick release lever so that it is positioned on the left side of your bicycle.
Step 4
Verify that the side marked "open" is positioned outward.
Step 5
Hold the cap in place, which is located on the opposite side of the quick release lever.
Step 6
Rotate the lever in a clockwise direction. Spin the lever around three to five times.
Step 7
Check for appropriate tightness. Extend the lever straight out. You should only feel medium resistance when the lever reaches the halfway mark.
Step 8
Push the lever all the way down. Check that the "closed" sign appears on the outer surface of the lever.

Tips & Warnings

Mount your bike for easy handling or tilt it against a stable source so you can remove the tire without injury.

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