Identifying Snakes in Asheboro, North Carolina

Identifying Snakes in Asheboro, North CarolinaAsheboro is located in the middle of North Carolina, firmly planted in the state's Piedmont region. The Piedmont offers a variety of habitats for snakes, so most of the state's snake species can be found there. This includes all five of the state's venomous snakes. Being able to tell the difference between a helpful or harmless snake and a dangerous serpent is a useful skill for outdoorsmen and suburban homeowners alike. (Pictured: Southern Copperhead)


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Step 1
Categorize the snake as either venomous or nonvenomous. All five of Asheboro's venomous serpents are pit vipers, which share common characteristics that no nonvenomous snake in the area will have. These are oblong, slit-type pupils, and a pitlike organ set between the nose and eyes. The presence of these features automatically confirms that the snake has venom.
Step 2
Continue to eliminate possible snake species by looking at their colors. The ringneck snake, which likes to live under rotting logs, has a uniform dark body with a yellow stripe just behind the head. The scarlet snake and the scarlet kingsnake have similar patterns, but there are telltale differences. The scarlet snake has a whitish body with black-bordered red splotches, while the scarlet kingsnake has red, black, and yellow stripes.
Step 3
Attempt to determine the size of the snake. For example, while the Eastern ribbon snake can be anywhere from 7 to 33 inches long, it is one of the most slender snakes in the area. A common garter snake of similar length will have more girth.
Step 4
Take note of where the snake was found. The black racer and the brown snake, both found around Asheboro, are somewhat similar in appearance (although the brown snake has dark speckles). However, the racer prefers open spaces where it can sun itself, while the brown snake is often found under rocks, leaves and debris.

Tips & Warnings

The five venomous snakes that might be found around Asheboro are the copperhead, the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the pygmy rattlesnake, the timber rattlesnake and the cottonmouth. Of these snakes, a person in Asheboro is most likely to meet a copperhead and least likely to meet a cottonmouth.

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