How to Plan a Trip to the Grand Canyon

How to Plan a Trip to the Grand Canyon
Taking a trip to the Grand Canyon is one of the highlights of many people's lives. It's awesome scenery and plethora of activities drive millions of tourists to witness its beauty each year. While visiting this natural wonder may incite all the excitement and energy of travel in you, there are some things that you ought to do in preparation to visit Grand Canyon National Park.


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Step 1
Set a budget. The three main expenses to plan for when visiting the Grand Canyon are lodging, activities and food. Both the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon offer everything from a budget "staycation" (camping, hiking and hot dogs) to a luxury vacation (lodges, helicopter tours and five course meals). Decide how much you want to spend and plan your trip accordingly.
Step 2
Determine a reasonable time frame for your visit. Because the park offers so many activities and stunning vistas it is important to set a good timetable for your trip to avoid overloading and exhausting yourself. Three days is a decent length of time to take in all the basics of the park.
Step 3
Plan your activities according to your budget and timetable. Some of the things you might consider doing while visiting the Grand Canyon are hikes, mule trips, photo excursions, river rafting or helicopter rides. Each of these activities varies in cost and time, so check your calendar and budget to see which activities fit into your plans.
Step 4
Make your reservations early. The Grand Canyon is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations and as such, accommodations tend to fill up quickly. Make your reservations for lodging and tours well in advance of your planned travel dates to avoid missed opportunities and stress.

Tips & Warnings

In its peak season the Grand Canyon can seem like a giant parking lot. To avoid large crowds of people, try travelling in the off-season. Just be sure to check the weather forecast and watch for seasonal closures of roads and trails.

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