How to Repair Canvas Tent Trailers

How to Repair Canvas Tent Trailers
Canvas tent trailers can be made partially, mostly or even almost entirely from canvas. While canvas is a durable material, the rigors of camping mean that either accidents or exposure to the elements will result in tears or burns in the fabric of the walls and/or roof. The best way to deal with this kind of damage is to repair the hole in the trailer's canvas as soon as possible.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Trim the torn, gouged, rotten or burned area of the canvas fabric with a pair of scissors, so that the hole is neat and there are no ragged threads. If the damage in question is due to rot, trim an extra 2 inches away from around the hole.
Step 2
Measure the length and width of the freshly trimmed hole with your tape measure.
Step 3
Cut a pair of canvas patches with the measurements from Step 2. The patch must cover the hole with at least a 2-inch margin, but otherwise can be whatever regular shape works best (circular, square, ovoid, etc.).
Step 4
Apply canvas adhesive to the area around the hole from the outside of the tent. Press the patch down onto the hole so that it forms a firm grip with the adhesive and canvas fabric. Wait at least five minutes before proceeding.
Step 5
Apply more adhesive to the area around the hole from the inside of the tent. Apply adhesive to the inside of the first patch as well. Press the second canvas patch onto the hole, the original canvas fabric and the first patch so that it forms a good bond. Allow the patches to set overnight.
Step 6
Apply a waterproofing agent, such as canvas wax or a silicon spray, to the patches.

Tips & Warnings

Wait at least 24 hours from the time that you applied the patches in Steps 4 and 5 before taking the tent down. Collapsing the tent into its trailer before this time has passed risks undoing the adhesive.

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