How to Line a Fishing Rod

How to Line a Fishing Rod
Lining a fishing rod with new line, whether it is to replace old line that has become compromised by constant use or to put line on a brand new reel, is an uncomplicated procedure. It can be completed by an individual or by someone who has the help of a companion or fellow angler in as little as five minutes.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel Spool of new line Screwdriver Nail clippers Dry cloth Snap swivel
  • Rod and reel
  • Spool of new line
  • Screwdriver
  • Nail clippers
  • Dry cloth
  • Snap swivel
Step 1
Take the spool of new line and put a screwdriver through the holes in the middle so that it can turn freely. If someone can hold this while you line your fishing pole, the task will be somewhat easier.
Step 2
Run the end of the new line down through the rod guides on your fishing pole until it reaches where the reel is mounted at the base of the pole.
Step 3
Open the bail and tie the new line onto the reel using any type of knot. Be certain that the bail is open or when you go to turn the handle on the reel to gather in line, the line will not be gathered up by the bail.
Step 4
Wind some line around the bobber by hand so that when you begin to turn the handle the line will begin winding around. If you fail to do this, the line may keep slipping when the bail runs by where the new line is tied to the reel. Employ a pair of nail clippers to trim the knot.
Step 5
Reel the new line onto your fishing pole. If you have help, have the person add some tension to the line where it comes off the spool by letting it slip through a dry cloth in their hands as you reel so that it wraps tautly around your reel. If you're alone, lay the new spool on the ground, then put one hand up your pole right under the rod guide closest to the bottom and hold the line between your palm and the pole as you reel in to make the line a little bit tight.
Step 6
Cut the line using your clippers after you have reeled enough onto your reel's bobber to come within a quarter-inch of the bobber's outer edge. Cut the line past the top rod guide on your fishing pole and tie a snap swivel onto it and secure it to any of the rod guides.

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