How to Replace Fishing Line

How to Replace Fishing Line
There is an easy way to replace old and possibly frayed fishing line that allows an individual to put back on her reel nearly the exact amount of new line she just took off. This method lets her know just how much line she has at her disposal when playing a potential trophy fish and also lets her add additional line or take line off, depending on how much of the new line she wants on her reel.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Replace Fishing Line

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing pole and reel
  • New spool of line
  • Screwdriver
  • Plastic bag
  • Nail clippers
  • Snap swivel
Step 1
Go to an open area, such as a ball field or park, with your fishing pole. Tie the end of your old fishing line to something that will not move, such as a fence.
Step 2
Flip the button on your reel that allows the reel to spin freely in both directions and walk backwards away from where you have tied your old line. Walk until there is no more line on your reel.
Step 3
Place the pole down at the spot where you ran out of line. Walk back to the place where the old line is tied, and open your new spool of line. Tie the end of it to the object, stick your screwdriver through the holes in the new spool's middle and walk toward your fishing pole.
Step 4
Cut the old line off your reel and walk toward where it is secured, wrapping it around your hand as you go until you have retrieved all of the old line. Place the old line in the plastic bag, and dispose of it in the trash.
Step 5
Return to your reel and cut the new line at the point where your pole is laying, using your nail clippers. By beginning to spool the new line from this exact point, you will ensure that you spool the same amount of line onto the reel that you took off. Thread the new line down through the guide eyes, open the bail of your reel, and tie the new line to the reel. Close your bail.
Step 6
Walk toward where the new line is secured as you begin reeling. Keep the line taut as you turn the handle on your reel so the line will wind tightly onto it. Cut the new line when you arrive where the new line is tied to the object, and attach a snap swivel to it and fasten it to any one of your rod's guide eyes.

Tips & Warnings

You can opt to replace it with less or more of the new line by walking with your new spool, well short or well past where the length of the old line reaches.

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