How to Care for Snowshoe Leather Laces

How to Care for Snowshoe Leather Laces
The traditional snowshoe is a wooden object lashed onto the feet with leather laces. While modern showshoes are made from plastic or metal, it is not uncommon to see them also lashed on with leather laces. Leather is a tough, durable material, but it does not last very long if it is consistently water-logged, and snowshoe laces are consistently water-logged by design. The proper care of your leather laces requires regular cleaning, oiling and drying.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rags
  • Saddle soap
  • Drop cloth or old newspapers
  • Mink oil
  • Exterior oil varnish
Step 1
Clean the leather laces using a damp rag and saddle soap. Rub the saddle soap into the leather and then wipe it away with a fresh, clean damp rag.
Step 2
Set the leather laces out in a warm place and allow them to completely dry.
Step 3
Set out a drop cloth or a thick layer of old newspapers over your work area, if it happens to be a place you don't want to stain with varnish, such as the kitchen table.
Step 4
Rub a restorative agent into the leather laces with an old rag. For periodic care, use mink oil. However, once a year use exterior oil varnish instead.
Step 5
Set the laces down on your drop cloth or newspapers for roughly one hour to allow the oil time to soak into the leather.
Step 6
Wipe away any remaining oil with a fresh, dry rag. Allow several hours for the laces to completely dry before using them again.

Tips & Warnings

Snowshoe laces tend to be thicker than boot laces. Remember this and be generous when applying mink oil or oil varnish.

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