How to Wear Bike Shorts

How to Wear Bike Shorts
Every bike rider has suffered saddle discomfort -- also known as a sore bum -- at some or many points in their riding career. Don't spend a lot of money on a super-expensive specialized bike saddle; you'll quickly see that it can't solve the problem entirely. Instead, invest in a set of quality padded bike shorts that will greatly improve your riding comfort and reduce chafing when used with any bike.


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Step 1
Wear bike shorts only when you're biking. Get into them as late as possible before biking, then get out of them as soon as possible after, because keeping them on underneath street clothes or standing around in them provides a moist environment on the skin, making irritation more likely.
Step 2
Use the best bike shorts you can afford. Look for a precise fit and seamless, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking stretchable padding. Take your bike with you (if possible), try on the shorts, and mount your bike in your typical riding posture to make sure the padding will be between you and the bike saddle when you ride.
Step 3
Ditch the underwear: Wear bike shorts directly against your skin. Underwear traps heat and moisture, promoting chafing.
Step 4
Apply a chamois lubricant or cream directly to your skin or the padding inside your bike shorts before putting them on. This helps to further reduce the chances of chafing.
Step 5
Sprinkle a drying, medicated powder inside your underwear when you're not wearing bike shorts, to help keep your skin dry and reduce irritation.

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