How to Fish With Live Worms

An inexpensive and productive way to fish is to use live worms. Earthworms and the much larger night crawlers can be caught or dug up in your own yard or purchased cheaply at local bait shops and many convenience stores.
How to Fish With Live Worms


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Fish With Live Worms

Things You’ll Need:
  • Worms
  • Rod and reel
  • Size 4 snelled hooks
  • Fishing floats
  • Split shots
Step 1
Rig your fishing pole to float fish with worms from the shore where the water is calm with little or no current. Attach a size 4 snelled hook to the end of your line using a common fisherman's knot. Secure the bobber 2 to 3 feet up from the hook.
Step 2
Thread the live worm onto your hook, driving the hook first into the thicker end and then pushing it through over and over. Leave very little of the worm hanging from the hook. Try to have it hooked through and through. This will keep the worm on the hook when you cast out but will still attract fish to the worm.
Step 3
Cast out your live worm and carefully observe the float for any ripples, up-and-down action or movement through the water. These are all indicators of a fish biting or nibbling the worm.
Step 4
Set your hook by pulling back hard on your fishing rod. Play and land the fish if it has been hooked and reel back the line to check the condition of your worm if the fish is not hooked.
Step 5
Set up your fishing pole to fish with live worms on the bottom. Refrain from putting a float on the line but keep the size 4 snelled hook. Attach two medium to large split shots on the line 15 to 25 inches from the hook and thread your worm onto the hook as indicated in Step 2.
Step 6
Cast the split shot rig out to where fish like to frequent, such as underwater structures like logs, boulders and fallen trees. Hold your fishing pole or lean it against a "Y" shaped stick stuck into the ground. Feel for a tug on the line or watch the line and rod tip for movement before setting the hook and playing the fish.

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