How to Set Up for Float Fishing

How to Set Up for Float Fishing
Float fishing is the way most anglers learn how to fish when they are children. It employs a float, also commonly referred to as a bob or bobber, to keep the bait suspended in the water above the bottom and allows the individual to detect a biting fish when the float begins to move. There is an easy way to set up a fishing pole so that you can float fish using the most common of floats, the round red-and-white bobber.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel Number four snelled hooks Round red and white bobber Split shot
  • Rod and reel
  • Number four snelled hooks
  • Round red and white bobber
  • Split shot
Step 1
Tie a number 4 snelled hook onto your fishing line using a clinch knot. This size hook is a good choice for catching a number of species, but if you are targeting panfish such as calico bass and bluegills, tie on a number 6 or 8 snelled hook.
Step 2
Hold the bobber upside down, the white end facing down, and depress the red button to push up the catch that is on its bottom. Hold the button down with your thumb.
Step 3
Loop your fishing line around the bottom catch twice to keep the bobber from sliding up and down your line as you cast. Place the bobber the same distance up from the hook as you wish to keep your bait below the surface of the water.
Step 4
Let up on the top button and make sure the bottom catch slips back into the bobber while it is still holding your line.
Step 5
Hold your thumb on the bottom catch after turning your bobber back over and depress the very edge of the top button to reveal the upper catch. Face the opening of the catch away from your finger and slip the line through it before letting the button back up.

Tips & Warnings

You may add a single small split shot a few inches above the hook to keep more-lively bait such as a shiner from swimming upwards.

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