How to Train for a 80Km Mountain Bike Race

How to Train for a 80Km Mountain Bike Race
An 80 km mountain bike race is equal to 49.71 miles. Not for casual cyclists, an 80 km mountain bike race is grueling and requires you to cycle along difficult terrain for tens of miles. To perform at your best, you'll want to train. Whether you train alone, with a friend or with a trainer, it is best to start slow and then build strength and momentum.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bike gear
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Training log
  • Water bottle
Step 1
Make a training schedule. Set a start goal and then build upon it with weekly increases. For example, start your "long bike ride" at 20km and then increase your total distance by 10 km per week. This goal allows you to spread your training over seven to eight weeks and is not too grueling or taxing on the body.
Step 2
Continue to add 10 km per week. Steadily increase your heart rate from 60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate to 80 percent over the course of your training session. Ideally, you should start to transition from 60 percent around week three or four.
Step 3
Incorporate additional strength-training exercises to increase endurance and build muscle power. Lower body strength-training exercises are ideal and include hip abduction, foot flexion and leg press exercises. The seated bent-leg calf-raise is also an effective lower body exercise.
Step 4
Cycle the course. After you have reached your final goal of 80 km, use your final week of training to bike the complete 80 km course. Check your heart rate to maximize your performance.
Step 5
Allow time for recovery. Rest the body at least three to five days before the race to combat fatigue and injury.

Tips & Warnings

Consume complex carbohydrates before cycling to stave off hunger and maintain your strength.
Never set unattainable training goals.

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