How to Use Bicycle Tire Levers

How to Use Bicycle Tire LeversTire levers are simple tools designed to make removal of bicycle tires easier. Because most tires are held against wheel rims with substantial force, removing tires by hand is painful and frustrating. Add a couple levers to your flat kit to make changing tires quick and easy.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Two tire levers
Step 1
Insert the flat part of the lever between the tire sidewall and wheel rim. Pull down on the lever to pry up the sidewall, and attach the hooked end of the lever to a wheel spoke.
Step 2
Slip the second lever into the space you just pried up next to the first lever. Pull down on the lever to push up the tire sidewall.
Step 3
Grip the wheel firmly and slide the second lever along the wheel rim. Some force will be needed, but you should be able to pry out the tire sidewall from the wheel rim.
Step 4
Remove both levers once one sidewall has been pulled out. Insert one lever from the same side, under the tire and tube and outside the opposite tire wall.
Step 5
Apply pressure to the lever and slide it along the wheel rim to pull the tire off the wheel.

Tips & Warnings

Although it is easier to start with two levers, it is possible to use only one lever to remove a tire. Many riders prefer to save weight by leaving a lever at home.
Some tires are flexible enough that using a lever for Steps 4 and 5 is not needed.

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