How to Change the Rims on a Bicycle

How to Change the Rims on a Bicycle
A damaged bicycle rim can be a real danger to the rider, and should probably be replaced immediately. This may seem like a somewhat daunting task. But replacing a bicycle wheel's rim, whatever the reason, shouldn't be a difficult affair. In fact, it's quite simple---long as you follow a few easy steps.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Spoke wrench
  • Rim (new)
  • Electrical tape
  • Scissors
Step 1
Use a spoke wrench to loosen the bicycle wheel's spokes. This is done by loosening the attachment at the top of the spoke (along the rim).
Step 2
Align the new bicycle rim next to the old one.
Step 3
Wrap three or four pieces of electrical tape around both rims so they are held firmly together, still lined up with one another.
Step 4
Use the spoke wrench to completely detach the spoke wheel from the old rim. As you are doing so, attach the spokes to the new rim. Continue loosening and attaching until you've gone completely around the wheel and all of the spokes are attached to the new bicycle rim.
Step 5
Use scissors to cut the electrical tape and set the old bicycle rim aside.
Step 6
Tighten the spokes on the new bicycle rim using the spoke wrench.

Tips & Warnings

If possible, use a spoke wrench instead of a regular wrench; the latter may strip the spoke attachments, making it difficult to loosen or tighten.

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