How to Fish With Night Crawlers

How to Fish With Night CrawlersNight crawlers are extremely valuable as fishing bait. Night crawlers are inexpensive to obtain, can keep for weeks in your basement or your refrigerator and will entice a number of species to bite. Night crawlers are best used while fishing in rivers and streams and used on a spinning reel.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Fish With Night Crawlers

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel
  • No. 4 snelled hooks
  • split shots
  • ice chest
  • ice
  • night crawlers
  • plastic container
Step 1
Utilize a No. 4 snelled hook rigged on the end of your line with split shots on the line to add weight. Place the split shots 2 feet from the hook. The No. 4 hook is capable of hooking anything from a fish with a large mouth like a carp to one with a smaller mouth such as a bluegill.
Step 2
Hook your night crawlers anyway you desire but make sure they are securely on the hook. Bunch the night crawler on the hook by threading the point through it again and again until the worm is shaped like a ball. You may also thread the night crawler through the thickest portion and leave the rest of it hanging down. The more night crawler that is hanging off the hook there is a greater chance it will come flying off on a hard or long cast.
Step 3
Cast your night crawler and split shot rig downstream when fishing from the shore or from in a river or stream. Avoid casting it upstream because you will not be able to detect a bite right away and the current will carry the rig down the river, often snagging it in rocky crevices on the bottom.
Step 4
Look for any type of structure to cast your night crawler to. Watch for fallen trees, submerged logs, boulders and overhanging trees along the banks. These are places that will hold a variety of fish such as bass, carp, perch and bluegill. Cast close to these areas, being careful to avoid throwing your line into a spot where it can become snagged when you try to reel in your night crawler.
Step 5
Feel for a bite on your line. Any tug that cannot be attributed to the pull of the current is going to be a fish. After the initial tug slowly reel in any slack in the line, wait for the next tug, and pull back hard on your rod tip from a position of about ten o'clock to set the hook.

Tips & Warnings

Keep night crawlers cool when fishing in hot weather by keeping their plastic containers on ice.

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