How to Swim With Pool Tubes

How to Swim With Pool Tubes
Learning to swim can be intimidating, especially for those who did not experience large bodies of water when they were younger. Flotation aides allow you to learn to swim in steps, without having to provide all of the buoyant forces yourself. Swimming noodles are long tubes of foam which are extremely buoyant and pliable, allowing them to provide the needed buoyant assistance while being bent into the desired shape of the swimmer.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Pool Water noodles
  • Pool
  • Water noodles
Step 1
Enter the pool slowly, if possible. The ideal environment for learning to swim with a tube noodle is in the shallow end, in which case you should walk in slowly via the steps, to get acclimated to the water.
Step 2
Float on one or more noodles, without attempting to kick or paddle, until you are comfortable floating in the water with the tubes. You can float with the tube (or tubes) draped under each arm and across your chest, or you can lie atop the tube, with one end of the tube by your head, and the other between your legs.
Step 3
Hold the tube across your chest and under each arm, then kick your feet to practice kicking with the tube. The tube will support the weight of your upper body, allowing you to focus your lower body efforts entirely on providing propulsion.
Step 4
Practice paddling by performing a breaststroke with the tube still running under your arms. Bring your hands together underwater in a prayer formation, then push them forward while they are still touching. When your arms near full extension, turn your palms out, and pull your arms out, then down to your side.
Step 5
Turn the tube so that is running along the length of your body, passing between your legs, and to the side of your head. Practice your swimming using your whole body, kicking in small, quick strokes while moving your arms in an overhead motion out of the water, then pulling them back through the water when they make contact with it.

Article Written By Robert Preston

Robert Preston is a professional writer who majored in journalism at The College of New Jersey. In addition to work for various websites, Preston has done public relations with Major League Lacrosse's New Jersey Pride organization, where he served as the team's beat reporter.

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