How to Move Your Legs Faster While Running

How to Move Your Legs Faster While Running
Quickening your stride will help you run faster, something almost every runner hopes to do. Also, by speeding up your cadence, you'll be running more efficiently; it will feel easier and you will be less prone to injury.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Running shoes Running clothes
  • Running shoes
  • Running clothes
Step 1
Relax your body. Running while tense will not help you quicken your stride. The fastest runners are relaxed, even at high speeds.
Step 2
Run with light steps. Think of lifting your feet up underneath you. Do not think about the return trip to the ground. Your foot will naturally find its way there. Concentrating on the uplift will make your steps light and fast.
Step 3
Pick up your feet as soon as they touch the ground. Along with the light step goes a quick lift up from the ground. This reduces pounding and increases cadence.
Step 4
Land on your mid-foot. Proper foot strike occurs on the outer edge of the foot and rolls inward. If you think of landing flat-footed you will naturally land correctly, with the mid-foot/ball area of the foot making contact with the ground first. Avoid heel striking; it causes a breaking action and is very jarring to your body.
Step 5
Keep your feet underneath you. By landing lightly on your mid-foot you'll be landing directly under your center of gravity. Don't think of pushing off with your foot to create forward motion, think of lifting your foot and stepping gently forward to catch yourself.

Tips & Warnings

Lightweight, flexible training shoes are the best for retraining your stride.
Take time to change your stride; don't do high mileage until you're totally comfortable running in this style.

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