How to Attach a Bike Trailer to a Bike

How to Attach a Bike Trailer to a Bike
A bike trailer can turn a bicycle into a veritable wagon, pulling anything from non-human cargo to young children behind the bike itself. It may look difficult at first glance, but attaching a bike trailer to a bicycle can be done in a few simple steps.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wrench
  • Tab washer
  • Coupler plate
  • Bike trailer (including tow bar)
Step 1
Use a wrench to remove the nut and washer holding the bike's rear wheel to the bike frame (in the center of the wheel). Put them aside in a safe, secure place, as you'll use them again soon. The bike's axle should now be sticking out of the wheel, devoid of nut and washer.
Step 2
Slide the tab washer onto the bike's axle. Turn it until it fits naturally into the bike's frame.
Step 3
Slide the coupler plate onto the bike's axle. Fit it to the holes in the tab washer. The large hole should be on the bottom, not the top.
Step 4
Put the wheel's washer and nut back on to the axle, then tighten--first by hand, and then with the wrench.
Step 5
Fasten the bike trailer's tow bar to the coupler plate. The tow bar should slide through the coupler plate's large hole. A pin or some other fastening device should have come with your bike trailer; use this to fasten the tow bar to the coupler plate.

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