How to Adjust the Straps on Bicycle Helmets

How to Adjust the Straps on Bicycle Helmets
The importance of wearing a properly fitted helmet cannot be stressed enough. Helmets provide the best protection against injury during a fall or crash. The best way to protect yourself from a head injury when riding your bike is to wear a helmet at all times. Because a helmet does not work if it does not fit properly, it is important to learn how to securely tighten the straps of your helmet before riding.


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Step 1
Tie back any hair loose at the base of the neck.
Step 2
Place the bicycle helmet on your head. Place the helmet low on the forehead. It should rest one to two finger widths above the eyebrows and fit comfortably.
Step 3
Snap the straps of the bicycle helmet so they form a "Y" under each earlobe. Make sure the straps are even and sit snug against the head. Adjust the straps if the helmet does not fit properly. Create slack in the straps by finding where the strap fabric loops through a plastic clip or fastener. Pull the free end of the strap down through the loop. Pull the opposite strap to get rid of the slack and loosen the helmet. To tighten the straps, pull the loose end of each strap up and away from your body.
Step 4
Buckle the chin strap but allow enough room to insert a finger between the buckle and your chin. You should be able to breathe freely without feeling tension from the helmet.
Step 5
Test the fit by opening your mouth as you look with just your eyes to see the edge of the helmet. If you can feel the helmet pull down on top as you look upward, it is secure and properly fit.

Tips & Warnings

Use a multi-impact helmet for extreme skating or skateboarding.
Always wear a helmet when cycling.

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