How to Buy the Right Camping Chairs

How to Buy the Right Camping ChairsPurchasing a camping chair may not seem like a big decision, but if you select the wrong chair you'll quickly realize your mistake. Having a big, heavy chair when you needed something small and light, or the wrong size for your body, is a quick recipe for misery. A well-made camp chair will last for years, so consider buying the right chair an investment of both time and money that's well worth making.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Select a camping chair that fits your body. There's no point in having or using a chair--no matter how light it is or how many neat features it has--that is uncomfortable or awkward when you sit down to use it.
Step 2
Compare the weight of various camping chairs. If you're going to be carrying a camping chair for long distances by foot, purchasing a lightweight chair, or perhaps even a lightweight folding camp stool, should be your number one priority. If you're traveling by bicycle, horseback or motorcycle, weight may not be top priority, but it will still be important.
Step 3
Buy a chair that will survive conditions you're likely to encounter. For example, if you will be using the chair near the sea you will want one that is rustproof and waterproof.
Step 4
Select features that guarantee comfort. These include mesh backing to allow better airflow, a wide base to make the camping chair less likely to tip over, foot rests, storage pouches and cup holders, especially the insulated or self-draining types. There are even camping chairs that are self-inflating or rock for comfort.
Step 5
Purchase or create a cover for your camping chair. This will help extend the life of the chair by protecting it from dents, scratches and debris during both transport and storage.

Tips & Warnings

If you fish a lot, consider purchasing a camping chair with a built-in cooler that will hold cold drinks while you fish and then, later, the fish you caught.

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