How to Fasten Ski Boots

How to Fasten Ski Boots
Ski boots for downhill skiing have not changed that much over the decades when it comes to fastening. A proper fit is an absolute necessity when buying ski boots, but that fit can change depending on how you fasten them. Fortunately, the method of fastening ski boots does not vary much at all from one brand to the next and the process applies with little variation no matter how futuristic the boot may appear.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Woolen outer sock
  • Silk inner sock
Step 1
Open the boot as wide as possible. This means prying open both the outer part of the boot and the inner part. This is necessary to allow you to push your foot fully down into the boot. You may find it necessary to actually pull the inner boot out of the outer boot a little bit in order to get your foot all the way in.
Step 2
Tap the heel of the ski boot lightly against the ground to force your heel into position. With new boots that have never been worn before or that were tried on using a different pair of socks, this process may require more than gentle tapping. As you get used to the boot and it conforms to the shape of your foot, this part of fastening should go much more smoothly. If you can slide your foot easily into the boot without needing to tap your heel down it may be a sign that the boot is too big.
Step 3
Begin the fastening process with the middle buckle. If there are more than three buckles then pick the one that is closest to your instep. Once you have fastened this buckle you should bend both your knee and ankle forward as you drive your heel back into the boot.
Step 4
Fasten the top buckle next. Tighten this buckle as much as possible while still remaining comfortable. You may find that once you do this you have to go back and readjust the first buckle you tightened.
Step 5
Fasten the bottom buckle last. By enclosing your foot inside the boot in this manner, the ski boot should feel appropriately tight. If you feel like your foot is being pinched or squeezed, or you get the sensation of constricted circulation, then it is too tight. Walk around for a good 10 to 15 minutes before you slide the boot into place on the ski.
Step 6
Fasten four-buckle boots differently. Begin by buckling the toe buckle first. Work your way along the boot from the bottom up. Follow the same directions regarding not pulling the straps too tight to avoid constricting circulation.

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