How to Spool a Fishing Line

How to Spool a Fishing Line
There is always the potential for an angler to lose a trophy-quality fish by having an old fishing line break during the course of the action. For this reason a fisherman should change the line on a regular basis, unspooling the old line and replacing it with stronger and less weathered new line. The process is not difficult and gets easier with practice.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Spool a Fishing Line

Step 1
Remove the old line from your reel. The quickest way to accomplish this is to go to an open area, tie the line to a tree branch or a similar object that will not yield, and then walk away from it until all the line is off the reel. Cut the line where it is tied to the reel and then wrap the old line around your hand as you walk toward where it is secured. Discard this line in a plastic bag in your trash to ensure that wildlife do not become entangled in it.
Step 2
Open your spool of new line, lay it on the ground, and meticulously thread the end on down through the rod guides on your pole. Start at the top guide and pass the line through until it reaches the reel.
Step 3
Flip open the bail on your reel and tie the new line around the reel's bobber. After you have tied the line on, trim back with nail clippers any extra line showing from your knot. Close the bail and slowly turn the reel's handle to begin gathering in the new line off its spool.
Step 4
Manually wrap the new line around the reel's bobber if it does not start to wind around as you turn the handle of your reel. This often needs to be done to get the line started around the reel. Once the line is beginning to wrap around the reel take one hand and move it up the pole. Allow the line coming off the spool to pass through this hand, holding the line with just enough force to keep it somewhat taut as it winds onto your reel.
Step 5
Fill your reel until the line reaches approximately one-eighth of an inch from the lip of your reel's bobber. Avoid filling it any further as this will cause excess line to come off the reel when you cast out, precipitating tangles. Cut the new line two feet down from where it comes out of the top guide eye of your pole and tie either a hook or a swivel to it so that it can be attached to one of the lower rod guides.

Tips & Warnings

Having someone holding the new line with a screwdriver through the middle of the spool allows the line to come off cleanly as you reel it onto your bobber, making this process go even smoother.

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