How to Install New Carpet in an RV

How to Install New Carpet in an RV
An RV is a major investment, and many RV owners get several years or even decades out of the same rig. RVs, therefore, have more than a little in common with homes, and like homes they require remodeling from time to time. A basic feature that often needs to be replaced is RV carpeting. With the great outdoors just outside the RV, its carpets can see a lot of abuse. Unfortunately, replacing an RV's carpet can be more complicated than doing the same job inside the home.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Crowbar
  • Putty knife
  • Power sander and sandpaper
  • Broom
  • Hammer and nails
  • Tape measure
  • Carpet knife
  • Spray adhesive
  • Floor padding
  • Carpet
  • Strip tacks
  • Carpet stretcher
Step 1
Examine the edges of your carpet to determine if it is secured by tack strips, by the fixtures in that part of the RV, or both. RV manufacturers often put their carpets down first and then secure them either entirely or in part with furniture. You may find it necessary to remove items like cabinets, chairs, tables and couches to put a new carpet in.
Step 2
Remove the old carpet. Wherever it is secured with tack strips, carefully pry it up with a crowbar, being careful to not damage those strips. Then remove the old padding.
Step 3
Remove all stuck-on debris from the plywood floor. Scrape old clumps of glue and padding off the floor with a putty knife. You may want to sand away any truly stubborn bits of glue that will create a problematic, uneven surface. Pull out any staples with a pair of pliers.
Step 4
Sweep up the floor.
Step 5
Install new tack strips where necessary by nailing them into the floor. Extra tack strips may be necessary if you are remodeling the RV, not replacing a piece of anchoring furniture, or simply want the carpet to be more secure.
Step 6
Measure the dimensions of the part of the RV to be carpeted with a tape measure, and cut blocks of carpet padding to fit it. Remember to reduce the perimeter of your measurements by 1 to 2 inches to leave room for fitting the carpet to the tack strips.
Step 7
Spray the floor with carpet adhesive and lay your padding blocks into place. Walk around on them to make sure they have good contact with the floor. Leave them in place to dry for at least half an hour (longer if so directed by the adhesive-maker) before proceeding.
Step 8
Cut your carpeting to fit. Use your measurements from Step 6, but make no reductions.
Step 9
Spray more adhesive onto the surface of the padding. Then roll out the carpet inside the RV, fitting one side onto the tacking of the tack strips. Fasten the rest of the carpet by stretching it across the room and securing it to the other tack strips. You will need either an extra pair of hands or a carpet stretcher to properly secure the carpet to all the tack strips on the floor.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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