How Do I Get a Water Bottle Fixed to a Bike?

How Do I Get a Water Bottle Fixed to a Bike?Hydrating the body is essential when performing any type of physical fitness. Whether you casually ride your bicycle in your neighborhood park or join a triathlon, staying hydrated is key to ensuring your body stays cools and is able to replenish the water it loses when you sweat. To get the most out of your next ride, affix a water bottle to your bicycle. Once the water bottle is securely in place, you can ride the toughest roads and mountains and know that your water bottle will not come undone.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Water bottle cage
  • Screws
  • Wrench
Step 1
Purchase a side water bottle cage. Available in a variety of colors including classic black and silver, side water bottle cages feature a reversible mounting system that can be changed from to left right depending on your preference.
Step 2
Verify that your bicycle is equipped with two bolts, spaced about 3 inches apart. Locate the bolts on the portion of your bike frame that slopes downward toward your pedals and down tube. You may also find additional bolts on the bar that connects your seat to the front of your bicycle where your handlebars connect to your front wheel via a long tube. You can use either set of bolts.
Step 3
Mount the clamp to your bike using a headset wrench or Allen wrench. Screw each bolt into your bicycle until the bottle cage is secure.
Step 4
Place your water bottle into the water bottle cage. Push the water bottle down until it settles securely inside the cage. The bottle should fit snugly and only require a slight pull in order to remove.

Tips & Warnings

Because many water bottle cages feature high-resistant alloy, you don't have to worry about rust from snow and rain.
Water cages can be attached to full-suspension bikes and non-conventional frames.

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