How to Store Climbing Ropes

How to Store Climbing Ropes
Learning how to store climbing ropes is important for anyone who participates in sport climbing activities. Proper storage can help maintain the durability and strength of the climbing ropes over time. Choose a cool, dry place to store the gear. This could be a closet or a nook in the garage. Make sure that the area is free of potentially harmful substances and conditions like excessive heat or cold, water, dirt, acids, rodents and sunlight.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need:
  • Climbing Ropes
  • Water-proof Nylon Rope Bag
  • Dowel or Peg
  • Tarp
Step 1
Grab one end of the rope and run the entire length of the cord through your hands. You want your fingers to feel any damage or debris on the rope. After this inspection, set the rope on a tarp to keep it clean. Make sure both ends of the rope are sticking out of the pile so you can grab them to coil the rope.
Step 2
Coil the rope using a standard butterfly technique. This involves coiling arm-length loops on your neck and shoulders. Hold both ends of the rope together in one hand. Start by pulling an arm's length of rope with your hands and letting it fall to the side. This extra length will later be used to secure the coils.
Step 3
Pull another arm's length of rope, looping it and draping it over your shoulders and neck so that the bottom of the loop hangs on the right side of your body. Pull the next arm's length of rope, loop it and drape it with the bottom of the loop on the left side of your body. Alternate which side of the body you coil each loop on until you run out of rope.
Step 4
Use the small bit of extra rope you set aside to wrap around the coils. Tightly wrap the extra length around the middle of the coiled body of rope. Use the last two feet of rope to tie a knot in order to secure the loops for storage.
Step 5
Place the coiled climbing rope in a water-proof nylon rope bag. This will keep the rope clean of any debris or spills that might damage it.
Step 6
Hang the rope bag over a peg or dowel in your chosen storage space. Most rope bags have a sling-like strap that you can use to hang the bag.

Tips & Warnings

Wash your climbing ropes regularly with warm water and chemical-free soap. Wash the ropes gently by hand and hang them to dry in an area without direct sunlight.
Always inspect your climbing ropes before and after use in the field. You should check for any cuts, tears or damage to the rope. Regular examination of your rope will help keep you safe when you climb.

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