How to Use a Fishing Float

How to Use a Fishing Float
Fishing floats, also called bobbers, are important pieces of fishing equipment if you're just learning to fish. Using fishing floats, you can present live bait at whatever depth you want. By watching a fishing float once the line has been cast, you can then detect a biting fish and prepare to set the hook.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Use a Fishing Float

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing rod with line and hook Fishing float Bait
  • Fishing rod with line and hook
  • Fishing float
  • Bait
Step 1
Decide how deep you want your bait, then put the bobber on the line that far from your hook.
Step 2
Attach the float to your fishing line. The classic red-and-white round bobber is spring-loaded and has a catch, which the line must run through, at both ends. Wrap the line around the bottom catch twice to keep your fishing float from moving up and down your line.
Step 3
Cast your baited hook with a fishing float attached to the line. Cast with an easy motion to keep the float and hook from getting tangled as they head out over the water.
Step 4
Watch your bobber in the water, looking for the slightest movement. On a calm day, you will notice any ripples as a fish pulls down on the bait. On days when the water is choppy, you will have to watch for anything that seems like an unnatural movement.
Step 5
Pull back hard on your rod tip when you see the bobber go under. When a fish grabs the bait and takes off, the bobber will often completely submerge. Sometimes the fish will pull the bobber along as it tries to escape with the bait, without bringing it underwater. In either case, set the hook hard, and if you feel a fish on the other end, reel it in.
Step 6
If you fail to hook the fish, reel your line in and check your bait. Replace it if necessary and then try to cast to the exact same spot that had just produced a bite. Allow the fish to take the bobber under this time before attempting your hook set.

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