How to Ship a Bike for a Triathalon

How to Ship a Bike for a Triathalon
Travelling to a different state or country to participate in a triathlon should not mean having to purchase a new bike or incur expensive bike rental costs. With bike travel cases and bike boxes as well as boxes from carriers like FedEx and the United States Postal Service, you can ship your bike for a triathlon in just a few easy steps. The process is pretty simple, but you will need to disassemble your bike before shipping it.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Hex key or a pedal wrench
  • Travel case or bike box
Step 1
Use a hex key or a pedal wrench to remove the pedals from your bike. Turn the left, non-drive side pedal in a clockwise direction to loosen.
Step 2
Locate the hex-head bolt at the base of your seat post. Turn in a counterclockwise direction to remove. Carefully lift the seat post and saddle.
Step 3
Flip the skewer on your tire wheel open so you can remove each wheel on your bike. The skewer runs through the center of the wheel.
Step 4
Detach the handlebar from the stem. Turn each of the two to four hex-head bolts used to secure the handlebar in a counterclockwise direction to loosen.
Step 5
Use bubble wrap to carefully wrap the individual tubes of your bike frame. Be aware of your frame's finish as you handle it to avoid scratches. Also wrap the individual parts including the pedals, seat post and wheel.
Step 6
Package the bike by placing the front wheel, bike frame and handle bar inside a bike travel case or bike box. Add the items you have wrapped to your case or box.
Step 7
Seal the box and mark "fragile" to help ensure the bike is not damaged. Mark the front and bottom sides of the box so the shipper is fully aware of the fragile contents within.
Step 8
Take the box to the shipper. Purchase additional insurance and declare the cost of the bike so you are compensated in the event that the bike is lost or damaged.

Tips & Warnings

Use bubble wrap to protect your bike from damage.
To eliminate the additional cost of shipping, pack and bring with you accessories like an air pump, tire(s), gel-filled seat coverings, tools including a pedal wrench or hex key, water bottle(s) and safety equipment.
Be sure to ship or bring cycling shorts, cycling jerseys and a helmet.
You can purchase additional accessories or seek assistance with reassembly at a local bike shop in the city where the triathlon will take place.
Some carriers charge by weight, while other will ship large items such as a bike for a set fee.

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